Revitalizing the gateway to historic downtown Lewisburg through community



The purpose of Montwell Park is to create a beautiful, functional space and healthy environment where all generations are nourished by caring connections, mutual partnerships and a culture of learning and creativity.


Fundraising and Building Projects

The Greenbrier Valley Restoration Group is actively seeking funding for a number of projects to help create a better space


Pay back existing loans for initial property purchase


Build a new suitable structure to house a grocer, much needed storage, and possibly a community radio station



Finish the upper parking lot with gravel, curbing, asphalt and landscaping


Landscaping and building a walking bridge + install new trails on site

$ 25,000


Construct public restrooms and showers


“Recreational Development is a job not of building roads into the lovely country, but of building receptivity into the still unlovely human mind”

Aldo Leopold  |  Author, Scientist, Etc

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In the 1700's the spring and pasture at Montwell Park offered water and grazing for horses (transportation). As the town developed, the property was then used for a tannery and feed mill. Later, a small electric generator supplied the women's college and the electric street lighting in downtown.

In 1964 the feed mill burned to the ground, leaving only its foundation. A log structure was built on top of this massive lime stone foundation as an artisan center to take advantage of the constant flow of traffic on US 219 and Rt. 60 before the new interstate I-64 bypassed the town. A few years later, Mrs. Rosalie Detch purchased and developed the property into a restaurant and bar, eventually adding two motel buildings with 54 rooms.

Just a few years ago, parts of those buildings, then under new ownership, were condemned and the lending bank consequently put the property up for auction.


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